Workday Terms

A short, searchable list of legacy terms and the Workday terms that replace them. Please submit questions and additions here.

A Legacy to Workday Terminology List

We Call it This (Legacy System Term)Workday Calls it That (New Workday Term)Workday Area
AccountsCost CentersHCM
DepartmentsSupervisory OrganizationsHCM
Employee typeJob Family GroupHCM
EvaluationsPerformance ManagementHCM
Hiring and OrientationOnboardingHCM
Human Resources (HR)Human Capital Management (HCM)HCM
LeaveTime Off (short-term absence, e.g., vacation or brief illness)HCM
Non-Pooled PositionPosition ManagementHCM
NPD-19Change JobHCM
Personnel/Payroll Action Form (PAF)Job RequisitionHCM
Pooled PositionsJob ManagementHCM
Qualifying EventBenefit Event or Life EventHCM
Time SheetsTime TrackingHCM
VolunteerContingent WorkerHCM
Rank/RangeComp GradeHCM
AccountsFinancial WorktagsFIN
Accounts PayableSupplier AccountsFIN
Accounts ReceivableRevenue Management or Customer AccountsFIN
AgencyCost Center or HierarchyFIN
BACCLedger AccountFIN
Chart of AccountsFoundation Data Model (FDM)FIN
Check RunSettlement RunFIN
DepartmentsCost Center HierarchyFIN
Direct Deposit InformationPayment ElectionFIN
Fixed AssetsBusiness AssetsFIN
Journal EntryAccounting JournalFIN
Journal VoucherAn operational journal entry via transaction or EIB, or an accounting journal entry added manuallyFIN
Manual ChecksOn-Demand ChecksFIN
ObjectLedger AccountFIN
Object CodeLedger AccountFIN
Payment VoucherSupplier Invoice Request (in most cases)FIN
Revenue SourceLedger AccountFIN
Sub-ObjectSpend CategoryFIN
Sub-Revenue SourceRevenue CategoryFIN
Travel AuthorizationSpend AuthorizationFIN
Travel ClaimExpense ReportFIN
Travel ExpensesExpensesFIN
Initiate a Classified step increase for meritSelect a Comp Change Reason of “Classified Step Increase Merit”FIN
AdvicePay SlipHCM
iLeaveTime OffHCM
Pay LinesCosting AllocationHCM / FIN
WorkplaceBuilding/RoomHCM / FIN