Who can see my personal information?

In Workday, employees see their personal information values, including Social Security Numbers and Dates of Birth, in their Profile information. Social Security Numbers and Dates of Birth are ‘masked’ from all other employees in the system, with the exception of managers and some administrative positions for specific HR purposes.

The NSHE institutions agreed to a decentralized solution allowing managers and some administrative assistants the ability to initiate the hiring process. The hiring process requires that the user enter the candidate’s Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Gender among other personal information types. Because of this intentional design, your manager and administrative personnel who are assigned similar privileges will be able to see your Social Security Number and Date of Birth. Only your immediate supervisor will be able to see them.

Workday and NSHE are very serious about protecting Personal Identifiable Information and take every precaution to protect it from loss, unauthorized access or theft. In our legacy environment, paper files were used for decentralized HR activities, making access to that information easy as opening a file cabinet and worrisomely anonymous. Now with Workday, only individuals with specific, named roles in the system have access, and all information access is logged and audited. We believe that the safeguards and auditability of the Workday environment makes the safety of your information more robust than in our former paper processes.