I work at two institutions. Which credentials do I use to login to Workday?

Credentials for any institution where you work should get you into Workday. For instance, if you work at NSC and also at UNLV, your user name and password for either school should log you into the system. And even though you work at multiple institutions, you have only one Workday record. You will see everything you need to see to do every NSHE job you have, and your payment and tax information will all show up in one place.

Note: Student Workers access Workday with the credentials of the institution where they’re employed. Workday is a worker system that is not part of NSHE’s student system at all. So if you work at CSN but you’re a student at NSC, your NSC user name and password will not give you access to Workday. Only credentials for institutions at which you are employed will work to log you into Workday.