Expanded Access to Knowledge Articles in Workday Community

Starting April 11, 2024, Workday is expanding access to more than 17,000 knowledge articles in Workday Community making it easier to find the information you need. Knowledge articles can be informative, provide a deeper background or explanation about a topic, or they can provide solutions and workarounds for complex situations.

Experts on Workday products update and create knowledge articles every day based on customers’ questions or commonly encountered issues, so you have a robust and always growing knowledge base to turn to whenever you need it.

What to Expect:

Community Users will be able to:

  • Intuitively search for and find knowledge articles. 
  • Quickly share knowledge articles with other peers who use the Workday Community.
  • Provide instant feedback to improve knowledge articles for all Workday Community users.

For more details, please click on the Workday Community link: Expanded Access to Knowledge Articles