I get ‘Something Went Wrong’ when I visit the Workday NSHE Training Support site

Due to NSHE’s agreement with Workday, most training materials can only be accessed by the NSHE community. To ensure only NSHE users see the repository of training documentation, you have to login to Workday before you can be authorized to see the materials in the training repository site.

To visit the training repository, you must

  • Have a Workday account from an NSHE institution
  • Be logged into Workday (www.myworkday.com/nshe)
  • Navigate to the training repository site via the NSHE Workday Training worklet on your Workday homepage (do not use a bookmark or a direct link to the site)
  • Not use versions of Internet Explorer earlier than 11

If you still can’t get in after following these steps, please contact the Workday@NSHE Service Desk.